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What you can do to stretch your dental maximums

When most individuals visit a dentist for a routine cleaning, they are generally inspected by the dentist to ensure that their teeth are in good shape, and once the dentist has examined those teeth, often a hygienist takes over for the cleaning.   But were you aware that you can actually visit an independent hygienist and […]

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Why More Employers Need to Implement Paid Menstruation Leave

Work can be tough. Working on your period is even tougher. It is time employers make accommodations for women in the workforce. Women showing up to work to complete their day-to-day tasks while dealing with menstruation is a story we’ve heard all too much. Dealing with a cocktail of psychological and physical symptoms such as […]

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Retiring but want to keep your benefits? A simple guide to converting your employee benefits to an individual plan

Congratulations! It is finally time for you to retire and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Perhaps you are considering converting your existing life and/or health insurance into an individual plan because you will no longer be covered with a plan from your employer. There are many terrific insurance plans to choose from, however […]

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Naturopathy 101

Innovations and advances in modern medicine have improved the overall quality and duration of life. Despite this, the risk of negative side effects associated with a number of treatments and drugs may deter one from seeking treatment. Each individual is also incredibly diverse in their genetic makeup, and therefore can sometimes respond to treatments differently. […]

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Health insurance is for everyone, and here’s why

Getting an insurance plan can be easy if you do it early. If you wait until you develop an illness, however, it may be a challenging task. Because Canadians are recipients of universal healthcare, extended health insurance may seem like an option to most. The reality is that current healthcare plans do not provide adequate […]

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Employee to Entrepreneur: What to do about your benefits if you are leaving your career to work on your business full-time

You’ve finally decided to quit your job and focus on your own business.  But you’re losing your employee benefits- here’s what to consider.    Health insurance Before purchasing health insurance, you must first consider your two things: your current coverage and your needs. Are you currently receiving services that are not covered by your provincial healthcare […]

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Are You Leaving Your Job?

Maybe you’re leaving your job for another opportunity, being laid off or fired, to relax on a beach, to pursue entrepreneurship or funemployment.  Whatever the case may be, it’s a major change.  There might be a lot of things you’ll need to deal with – like figuring out how you’re going to be spending all […]