What is the trillium & Ontario Drug Benefit plan?

What is the trillium plan?

Trillium is a government funded health plan, designed for individuals who spend more than 4% of their household income on drug costs.

To find out if your prescriptions will be covered you can search the drug formulary at https://www.formulary.health.gov.on.ca/formulary/.

To qualify, you must:

1. Have a valid ohip card,
2. Spend more than 4% of your household income on prescription drugs,
3. Be under the age of 65
4. Not be enrolled in Ontario works

Ontario Drug Benefit

In Ontario, you qualify for Ontario Drug Benefit when you turn 65. Many drugs are covered but not all drugs.

You would think that many policyholders would cancel their plans at age 65, but that’s not necessarily the case. There is plenty of other coverage included on the plan that makes it worthwhile to hold on to.

Should I keep my plan after 65?

Yes! You will still have coverage for:

Drugs not covered by ODB

Dental Coverage



Speech Therapist

Travel Health Insurance

Vision Care




Semi Private Hospital





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